Applications for a grant must be made by a recognised body such as another charity, a social services department, a NHS trust or a church or faith institution.

Applications by individuals on their own behalf will not be considered. An application may be made at any time of year.

No form needs to be completed. What is required is a letter setting out:

  • The name and address of the individual(s) in distress
  • Dates of birth of each person for whom the application is being made
  • A concise summary of their personal circumstances
  • A concise summary of their financial position (e.g. benefits being received)
  • The particular item(s) needed or expense that needs to be incurred
  • Other charities to whom a similar application is also being made.
  • Any other relevant or special circumstances.

The Committee generally meets on the third Wednesday of each month except in August. They will usually consider all communications received up to 48 hours before a meeting.